Photo by Matthew Plexman

I am a teacher, author, and volunteer.

I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I also enjoy spending time at my cottage on Lake Sydenham in Sydenham, Ontario Canada, located north of Kingston, Ontario.

In June of 2015 I retired from the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) after teaching Mathematics for 45 years in Toronto – 40 years at Monarch Park Collegiate (MPC) and five years at Riverdale Collegiate Institute (RCI). At the time of my retirement I was the Curriculum Leader: Mathematics/Numeracy at RCI. I previously was the Curriculum Leader: Mathematics, Sciences, Health and Physical Education and the Curriculum Leader Business Studies, at MPC. When I retired it had been exactly 50 years since I had graduated from high school in Hamilton, Ontario.

Throughout my teaching career I was provided with many opportunities to interact on a daily basis with staff, students and members of the community in a diverse and wonderful setting. I was also given opportunities to learn on a daily basis and I have had not just one, but many different careers! I was an actor in school plays and staff skits. I was a singer in Staff Choirs. I was an adventurer and participated in winter camping trips (proudly wearing my blue, gold and red Queen’s scarf) and canoe trips. I was a coach of volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, baseball and soccer. I was a chaperone on school trips. I was a businesswoman as an advisor for the school yearbook, a 10-year journey and learning experience. I was also a comedienne and many of my students are still trying to figure out if Rene Descartes is really my French Uncle and if my favourite subject to teach is really “Cardculus”, and not Calculus. I enjoyed my role as an Associate Teacher for the University of Toronto, York University, and Nipissing University and hosting numerous student teachers on their journeys to become teachers. I loved my role as the “Scholarship Lady”, which has continued in my retirement, helping students and former students to apply for and receive much-needed financial assistance for their postsecondary educations. I was also a social worker, psychologist and parent to many students who were new to Canada and were struggling to learn not only the material in the curriculum, but also the language. Through teaching I was provided with an opportunity to become a writer and I have worked on writing projects for the TDSB and I am currently a Mathematics author for McGraw-Hill Ryerson.

I would like to sincerely thank everyone at the TDSB for providing me with 45 exciting years of teaching and learning experiences, with the opportunity to interact with and mentor thousands of students, staff members and community partners, and with wonderful educational memories to last a lifetime. For me “teaching” is “learning” and as an advocate of “lifelong learning” I am currently an Associate Teacher for the Independent Learning Centre (ILC) administered by TVO, Ontario’s designated provider of distance education.

In my spare time I love to volunteer in the community. I am currently a Director on the Executive of the Toronto Educators Association for Mathematics (TEAMS) Chapter, of the Ontario Association for Mathematics Education (OAME), President and Scholarship Chair of the Fred Hammond, Chapter 73, QCWA, and President of the Board of Directors of Toronto Intergenerational Partnerships in Community (TIGP). Last year I was happy to be a volunteer on the “team of volunteers” organizing the Polo for Palliative Care Event,, that was held on September 18, 2016.

I love photography and I love to take photographs of everything and everyone. I am well-known for always taking “one more photo”! I also like to have my photo taken! Please visit my Photo Gallery.

I also love genealogy, history that we are a part of, and spending time researching my own family history and helping my friends to find out more about their own family histories.

I also love music and I hope to not only write a hit tune, but also to be a rock star one day!