Recipient: OSSTF DISTRICT 12 STATUS OF WOMEN AWARD, Outstanding Female Teacher – Impact on Students (May 1st, 2003)

Recipient: 2003 QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY ALUMNI ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, (October 14th, 2003)

2003 Queen’s University Alumni Achievement

“The Alumni Achievement Award is presented annually to a member of the Alumni Association of Queen’s University of whom we are particularly proud. In presenting the 2003 award, the Association pays tribute to Mary Card, Arts’69, a dedicated educator, mentor and friend to thousands of secondary school students over the course of her 33 years of teaching and involvement in extracurricular activities. Mary Card, Curriculum Leader: Technology Studies/Business Studies/Co-operative Education at Monarch Park Collegiate in Toronto, began her teaching career at Monarch Park in the fall of 1970. Today, 33 years later, she continues to dedicate herself to providing her students with every possible opportunity to succeed. In addition to her tireless involvement with academic and extracurricular activities, Mary serves as the school’s Scholarship Coordinator, matching students with awards and scholarships, the total value of which was more than $150,000 for the 2001-2002 school year.”

Recipient: 2003-2004 PRIME MINISTER’S TEACHING AWARD, Certificate of Achievement (March 22nd, 2005)

Recipient: Ontario Volunteer Service Award – TIGP – 5 years (June 17th, 2010)

Ontario Volunteer Service Award